Xbox One X vs. Xbox One S: What you need to know

Now playing: Apple’s Apple Watch 3rd generation is a big deal for the future of wearables, according to Tim CookSource: The Associated Press article Apple is bringing new hardware and software to its Apple Watch series in 2018, but Apple Watch owners won’t be able to use its new Apple X and XS versions.

Apple has announced a new version of its Watch with more features, but that’s still in the early stages.

The company also said its X line would not be shipping to consumers until October 2020.

The company has also unveiled a new iPad Pro, which will offer more battery life and an upgraded processor, but its only available in Europe.

Apple Watch 4 is coming in SeptemberThe Apple Watch will ship in September, and the new Watch 4 will include some of the same improvements and features as its predecessor.

Apple will also be releasing a version of the Apple Watch that supports wireless charging.

The new Watch will also have an integrated camera.

Apple Watch 4 supports Bluetooth 4.1.

It’s unclear what Apple Watch users will be able do with the new Apple Watch.

Apple declined to comment on what the new device could look like, or when it might arrive.

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What does it do?

Read next : Microsoft is now selling a Windows 10 upgrade for $299, which gives you a 15-inch tablet with a 4K display.

This will let you play your Xbox One games on the new console.

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