Why we’re betting on the Warriors to win the NBA title

The NBA’s hottest team could win it all with just two weeks to go.

We think the Warriors are going to win it.

That’s what they’ve been doing.

We think they’re going to be the best team in the NBA, period.

They’re just not the best one yet.

We’re going with them.

We believe in them.

And we know that they’re not the only team in town.

We’ve got some other teams as well.

There’s a couple of teams who are going all-in with them and that’s something we want to see, too.

The best teams in the league aren’t going to get a chance to play in the finals against the defending champs.

They’ll have to play against the Warriors on Wednesday night.

So what’s the reason for this betting?

We’re not going to give up on the NBA for the moment.

We love the NBA.

The NBA is the greatest sport in the world.

But we want the best players and teams to have the best chance to win.

So it’s not like the Warriors will have to beat the Bulls to win or the Cavaliers to win against the Cavaliers.

They’ve got to play them.

The Warriors are favourites in every major matchup in the series.

If they’re playing the Warriors and the Cavs in their next two games, they’ll both have to win their next game.

That’s what the betting odds say, and they’re all over the place.

In the NBA Finals, it’s an absolute certainty that the Warriors would win their game against the Bulls and the Cavaliers, who are the two best teams on the planet.

It’s an impossible matchup for the Warriors, who have never beaten the Cavaliers in the Finals.

The same is true of the Warriors’ chances against the Raptors, who were beaten in the conference finals in 2012 and 2013.

The only team the Warriors have beaten more than once are the Cavaliers and Raptors.

And both of those teams were built to face the Warriors.

So you can see why the Warriors might be the favourites to win in the playoffs, especially against a team that is just a little bit better than the Warriors this year.

The rest of the league is picking the Cavaliers as the favorite.

They have the better record, better defence and better superstar depth.

That said, the Cavaliers have played well against the likes of the Spurs and Thunder this year, and their defence is arguably the best in the whole league.

The Raptors are a different story.

They are a young team that hasn’t yet played in the postseason.

They haven’t beaten a team this good in a long time.

The Raptors are probably a little too far behind.

Toronto has played against the best teams, but they have played in a lot of difficult situations.

They were a playoff team last season, but the Raptors have never really made it.

They are going into a tougher schedule than most other teams.

They play the Clippers and Warriors.

They face the Cavaliers on Wednesday.

They will be playing against the Cavs again this season, so that should be a bit of a letdown.

The Warriors will need to come back and beat them.

But it will be nice to see a few different teams in a tough series.

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