Why does the NFL still need to change its slogan?

NFL is changing its logo every few years.

But it is changing the phrase.

This year, the NFL is calling itself “The National Football League,” while the word “NFL” appears in bold letters.

This week, the league announced that the logo would now be “The American Football League.”

The league will be in the spotlight on Sunday when the Houston Texans host the San Diego Chargers.

The NFL is playing host to the Super Bowl in Los Angeles, but that event is expected to be dominated by the Super-bowl-watching public.

NFL fans will have plenty to watch.

The league will also be playing host for the Superbowl at Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara, California.

The game will be televised nationally on NBC.

The game is expected at 9 p.m.

ET on Sunday, and the game will air live on ABC.

The league has made a concerted effort to promote the NFL as a football league.

That is a bold move given the recent decline in attendance at games and the fact that the league is playing catch-up in attracting young people to watch football.

The sport’s popularity has fallen dramatically, as more Americans watch less of the sport.

In 2014, only 3.7 percent of American households watched the game, according to the U.S. Census Bureau.

In 2018, that number was 4.6 percent, according the same report.

There are several ways the NFL could make this more appealing.

First, the word NFL should be the main logo.

That’s the original logo of the league, and it’s in the booklets and on the front of jerseys, according for example to the Sporting News.

The logo should be red, white and blue.

It should also be an iconic, recognizable image.

The second way the league could make its logo more recognizable is to make the word more prominent on the field.

It’s an interesting idea, but the NFL has been unable to make it a reality, so the team could take the word out.

The word “football” has been used on the back of jerseys since 1970, according Sports Illustrated.

The word “Lion” was used on jerseys in 1970.

It has been the word on the sleeves of every NFL jersey since 2000.

The logo change would make it easier to spot the team.

It would also make it easy to identify the player, who might be wearing the jersey.

The words “NFL,” “Lions” and “Steelers” are also prominent on helmets, so it wouldn’t be difficult to identify that the player is wearing one.

The third way the team should make the logo more prominent is to change the color of the team’s logo.

The team would likely go for a black-and-white logo, according The Wall Street Journal.

The colors are similar to those of the NFL’s current home, the Atlanta Falcons.

The name “NFL Football” is also a common color on the uniforms of other teams, according WEEI.

The red and white colors would make the logos stand out more.

The team could also change the number of the logo, to one, to make a more recognizable number.

The number would be a reference to the number 1 in the U of A’s coat of arms.

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