When Google and Facebook will finally be friends again

We have already seen how the two giants will continue to fight over what content is acceptable on their platforms, with a long-standing ban on “offensive” content, a constant barrage of ads and the removal of the social sharing feature that makes it easy to share content on the web.

That was a major concern for Facebook’s chief product officer, Chris Cox, when he announced last week that Google would soon be joining Facebook’s ranks as an official partner.

That means that the companies are going to continue to struggle to maintain the social balance they enjoyed when they were first joined, and Cox was quick to say that the end result would be “an even greater sense of community” on both platforms.

“We will not stop building on the great community we have built with Google,” he said in a statement.

“As we look forward to the next decade of growth and collaboration, we want to make sure that we have a robust platform that allows us to connect people in ways that have never been possible before.”

Facebook has a long history of being a bully in the social sphere, particularly on the social network.

In the early days, Facebook blocked users who used a VPN to hide their real IP addresses from the site, effectively cutting off the ability of those users to access content on Facebook from their own devices.

The company also tried to get around blocking VPNs by forcing users to connect to the internet via a VPN through a third-party service, which it labeled “a bad idea”.

This was followed by a wave of ads designed to lure users into signing up for paid service plans.

While this was technically an effort to try to boost its revenue, the effect was that it made the content providers less likely to sell to advertisers.

And with the advent of VPNs, this has led to a lot of content creators and content creators who are interested in getting their content on social, which has helped to lower the barriers to entry.

It’s not hard to imagine a situation where these two companies will continue that strategy going forward.

Both companies have seen a big uptick in ad revenue over the past year, and this has helped them both grow their revenue and the amount of ad revenue they can generate from their products and services.

That’s an area where the two have a lot in common, and it seems like a smart decision by both companies.

The two companies already have a strong relationship with each other.

Facebook has been building out a network of partnerships, and with Cox’s announcement, the company seems to be ramping up its efforts to make that network even stronger.

That could be something that both companies can benefit from in the long run.

But, as Cox explained in his statement, Facebook is just one part of the equation.

“Facebook and Google are just as much a part of this conversation,” he told Ars.

“Both companies have built an ecosystem of apps, sites and services that are built around a core set of core ideas.

But they’re not going to have a monopoly on that.”

The big question remains: When will the two companies be friends?

Both companies seem to be working hard to make up for their previous animosity, and both have plenty of time to make a big move.

It looks like the end of the line for both companies is coming very soon.

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