When Apple launches the new iPhone 7 with a special chip to block ads, it won’t be able to detect them as ads, and won’t do anything to disable them, the company says

Apple announced Monday that it will no longer be able for its iPhone 7 to detect advertisements or other types of “malware” on the device, and that the new chip would not block them.

The move means that if you are running an ad blocker, you won’t see ads on your iPhone 7, and you won “be able to use other apps and services without being detected,” Apple wrote in a blog post.

Apple’s move means users will have to use their own apps or other devices to access the features of Apple Watch, iPhone, and iPad.

But users will still be able “access other apps without being tracked,” Apple said.

The chip that will block ads is called “Apple Vision,” and Apple says it will work “within our network, with no third-party software.”

The chip will be available in September for $179, and will be made available to other developers as a free update.

Apple says its new chip will prevent malware from infiltrating the device.

But the chip, which is similar to the chips that are used in smartphones and tablets, will also block ads if the user installs a third-parties app that blocks ads, like those found in the Apple Watch app, or if the iPhone 7 is “locked,” meaning it can’t connect to the internet or send data to other devices.

The new chip is based on a new chip that Apple developed with Qualcomm, which it says has been “an important part of our mission for the last decade.”

Apple also notes that it has tested the chip on an iPhone 5s and iPhone 6 and it was able to block the “susceptible” versions of the malware.

Apple said the chip would be made “available to our OEM partners as soon as possible” to make them “even more resilient to new threats.”

The company has been pushing to make it easier for consumers to use apps on the iPhone, Apple Watch and iPad and to give developers the tools they need to develop more useful apps for them.

Apple also says it’s working with other tech companies to make sure they can use Apple Vision without having to worry about the chip.

Apple has already launched a new app for the iPhone called “I Am” that can detect whether a user is running a third party app and blocks the app, and Apple has made the “I’m not” feature available for Apple Watch.

Apple Watch’s first update on Monday was a fix to an issue that allowed some users to use third- party apps to make the Apple app more useful.

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