Trump’s ‘puppet’ in Russia case: Russia, Trump

Trump has appointed a special counsel to investigate whether President Donald Trump’s former campaign chairman Paul Manafort laundered millions of dollars through a shell company in the United States to buy an apartment in the Trump Tower, according to a letter signed by a lawyer for Manafort and two other Trump associates on Monday.

Manafort is being investigated in connection with his dealings with Russia’s president, Vladimir Putin, according the letter.

Manafort has not been charged.

The attorney general’s letter says Manafort has been cooperating with the special counsel’s investigation and has given “clear and detailed statements” to the special attorney.

The letter also notes that a third Trump associate, Rick Gates, is also cooperating with special counsel Robert Mueller.

Gates is also being investigated by Mueller.

The special counsels office said in a statement that it was acting on the advice of the attorney general, who appointed Manafort as special counsel.

Manafort and Gates were indicted by a grand jury in October for money laundering and conspiracy.

The two men face up to 20 years in prison if convicted.

The Trump campaign did not respond to requests for comment on the letter Monday.

The indictment of Manafort and others was announced after Manafort and Trump’s attorney, Jay Sekulow, filed motions in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York to dismiss the charges.

Sekulaw and Manafort have denied any wrongdoing and have said the charges are politically motivated and politically motivated by the Trump campaign.

Sekiow, in a brief appearance in Manhattan on Monday, called the indictment “unconstitutional” and said he is not aware of any information in the case that would prove he or Manafort knew of Manafort’s transactions with Russia.

“There are no documents, there is no indictment, there are no charges, there’s nothing in the record,” Sekulows office said.

Trump has denied knowing of Manafort or Gates’ financial dealings with Moscow.

Manafort, a former chairman of the Republican National Committee, and Gates, a Trump campaign aide, are both registered lobbyists with the Trump Organization.

They were both indicted on Oct. 27 by a special grand jury.

Trump himself has denied any involvement in any dealings with Russian officials.

The Mueller probe has expanded to include the Trump family’s finances, including its finances and business dealings, which were overseen by the Office of Government Ethics, the agency charged with enforcing the ethics rules for the president.

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