New report says the big four Google houses may have been hacked in 2013

The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) has published a report on Thursday saying that the big five Google-owned companies may have had their servers compromised in 2013.

The report, which analysed Google data and security firm Errata Security, says the attack may have happened at Google’s home base in Mountain View, California.

The researchers say that this breach occurred on May 12, 2013, with the majority of the attacks occurring on May 14, and May 20, the dates of the two major parties conventions.

The first major event took place at the US Republican National Convention in Tampa, Florida.

Google was hit with a $4.6 million data breach.

The second major attack happened on June 12, and took place in the Google home base, in the UK.

This was the third major breach.

Google, Facebook, Microsoft and Twitter have all since announced that they are working to patch their systems and fix the breach.

“The report highlights the importance of security measures and information sharing,” said ABS director of research and statistics, Mark Williams.

“There are still many risks and vulnerabilities in the data that can be used by attackers and they need to be addressed.”

The report also states that the breach could have affected other companies, as well as the Australian public.

The ABS says that the data breaches could have been used by criminals to obtain sensitive information.

“Information on the types of data accessed may have included credit card numbers, health information, addresses, email addresses, or browsing history,” the report states.

The Australian government said it had received the report and was working to fix the problems.

It also issued a statement saying that it was working with Google and Facebook to address the breach and that “any breaches in the future are our responsibility.”

In the wake of the breach, the Government announced a $5 million reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the culprits.

Facebook and Google also announced that there was no evidence of any breaches, but they have since said that there is evidence of a breach.

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