Beto, the ‘free-to-play’ mobile gambling app has a new ‘beta’ feature

Beta club, a gambling app from Beto has released a new beta feature that lets users bet on games that are already available in the App Store.

Beta club has already attracted more than 12 million users, and has been downloaded more than 7 million times.

Users can bet on sports, music, movies and more.

Beto also announced that users can bet directly on their smartphone.

The beta feature is currently available in beta for beta users, but will be rolled out to users in the beta version of the app as soon as it is available in all markets.

Beta Club’s beta is designed to allow users to test Beto for the first time, and allows users to download and install the app from the beta app store.

Beta mode also lets users create and share games with friends, and is intended to provide users with more options for the beta program.

Beta Beta Club is the second beto mobile gambling company to announce a beta feature in the last month.

The app has previously introduced a feature that allows users who have already been beta-bought games to try them out.

Beta gamblers will be able to bet on any Beto game as long as it’s not already available for beta-buying.

The company previously rolled out Beta mode for its mobile gambling beta.

Beta Mode allows bettors to test new Beto games before they are available in any beta markets.

Betas beta mode was originally rolled out for beta players to try out Beto and test the app.

Users who have played a Beto bet can now test their Beto skills in Beta Mode, and can bet any of the Beto apps available for Android or iOS, Beto beta mode also allows betts to play Beto-compatible games in the Beta Mode Beta mode will not be available in Australia until the end of the month.

Betos latest beta is aimed at users who are looking to gamble, or want to test the Betos Beta Club app for the very first time.

The Beta Club beta is not available to all users, with the company telling The Register that it will launch Beta mode in “some markets” on January 11.

The Betos beta will be available to Betos members in Australia from January 1.

It is also not available in other countries.

BetOS also announced a new gambling app for Australia called Betos Casino.

The casino features Betos own online poker software, and will be launched in Australia on January 7.

Betios Casino is a fully-featured online casino for Betos players, and the company said it will be ready to roll out in Australia before the end in March.

Bets casino is the first of its kind in Australia.

Betis casino will be the second of its type to be launched by Betos in Australia after the launch of the mobile casino for Australia.

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