Beto Sierra: Beto’s the new beto!

Beto is the most interesting beto in the world.

She was born in Bolivia and is the youngest beto player in the Americas.

Her beto skills have caught the attention of some of the most successful beto players in the United States.

This week, we caught up with Beto to talk about her beto style, the world of betos, and what she learned about winning at the World Beto Championships.

How did you get into betos?

What was it like growing up in Bolivia?

Beto’s beto was very much influenced by her upbringing in Bolivia.

She came from a very small village in the Andean mountains and spent her formative years playing sports in the small village.

She also played soccer and played in tournaments.

I think she has a bit of a sporty streak and she’s a great player.

How have you become one of the best betos in the game?

Beto has developed quite a bit since her childhood and now she’s one of a few top-level betos that can actually make a living.

She’s really excited to be able to play and to compete with other top betos.

What does it take to become a top beto?

You have to be an athlete.

You have have to play the game well.

You need to have good skills and have a strong team ethic.

You also have to learn how to make bets.

What makes you so good?

I think it’s just about being good in your own game.

It’s not a matter of whether I’m good or not, but I think that when I do play well, I win and people like that.

Beto had a great season in 2017 and was named the highest ranked beto athlete in the World Series of Betos, beating out all the other top-ranked betos who participated in the tournament.

She even took home the championship.

What are the challenges of playing in a World Series beto tournament?

You need a lot of confidence and you need to play well.

There’s always a lot to learn and practice, so you’re going to have to work really hard to get good.

Betos skill has made her a big name in the betos scene.

What kind of people are betting on Beto?

She has the biggest fan base.

She plays in the most prestigious competitions in the US.

The players she plays with have become a lot more well-known.

There are also other athletes who are looking for a new challenger.

Is it hard to keep your motivation high?

It’s definitely hard.

You don’t want to give up but you also don’t like to give in.

How do you balance playing with your family?

It depends on the player.

Sometimes it’s a little more stressful than others.

How are you managing your time off?

There’s also the family time when you are in Bolivia so it’s always nice to be with them and get to know them a little bit better.

Do you have any advice for other betos looking to compete at a world beto event?

It really depends on your skill level.

If you have good mechanics, you can beat most of the other betas.

But it depends on how well you play.

If it’s like the last time, you have to have great technique and you have a good team ethic, which you have in Bolivia too.

It depends what kind of player you are.

If your skill is really good, you should be able get through this tournament.

If not, you might not make it through.

What’s next for Beto in 2018?

She’s still competing at the tournament and she will compete at the next event in Mexico, but it’s definitely not her goal to be at the 2018 World Series Beto.

I hope that I can compete at this tournament in 2019, but at the moment I have no idea what the future holds for me.

What would you like to say to Beto when she’s not competing?

I’m really excited and I’m just happy to have been chosen by the betas and to have had the opportunity to compete against the best.

It will be great to play with my teammates and play with the fans at this event in 2019.

What is your favorite beto trick?

If I could go back to Betos past, I would probably be using my hands a lot and not the hand of my opponent.

That’s my favourite trick.

What was the best moment of your beto career?

I have to say that the best thing happened to me when I played against a player that I had never played against before.

I had a lot training with him and I learned a lot about how to play Beto at the highest level.

He won the beto title and that’s when my confidence really came back.

I’ve been playing betos since my early twenties and I had the chance to play a few of the top-tier betos before that.

I’m looking forward to having my

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